An Adjustable Bed Mattress – Personal Comfort at the Touch of a Button

Purchasing a new  mattress  is a highly personal endeavor, dependent on the size of your  bed  frame, preferred firmness  and  desired  mattress  height. Whether buying for a king-sized  bed  or a twin, or if you’re looking for something very firm or soft, one kind of  mattress  you might want to consider is the adjustable  bed   mattress . These are designed specifically for adjustable  beds , arranged to provide you with a personal level of comfort that you can change as often as you like!

Adjustable  beds  are a fantastic product for those individuals who often wish that they could shift their  bed  — even just a little — every so often, perhaps to counter back pain or to sit up comfortably in  bed  to read. Seniors often find these  beds  highly beneficial,  and  for someone who is less mobile or bedridden, an adjustable  bed  provides options to sit up with back support instead of being perpetually confined to lying down. To accomplish this, adjustable  beds  function by use of a small control unit that you can use on your own, while in your  bed , to adjust the height or incline of your sleeping position.

Certainly, in order to have full use of an adjustable  bed , you must complement the  bed  frame with an adjustable  bed   mattress ! Similar to a conventional  bed   mattress , you need to know the size of your  bed  frame before purchasing an adjustable  bed   mattress . Adjustable  bed   mattresses  are available in all standard sizes: single, twin, full, queen  and  king. In addition, adjustable  bed   mattresses  can be purchased in various styles, such as coil-spring, waterbed, foam or even inflatable air.

When purchasing an adjustable  bed   mattress , if at all possible, test the  mattress  on a  bed  frame similar to your own. The comfort of your  mattress  also relies on the quality of your frame, since the two will be working together to provide you with comfortable, restful sleep. Also known as the “semi-fowler  bed   mattress ,” an adjustable  bed   mattress  will rise  and  fall as the  bed  itself is adjusted, working in unison to relieve back pain, mobility issues  and  help you to gain high-quality sleep.

One final aspect to consider is the firmness of your adjustable  bed   mattress . Due to the high degree of support provided by an adjustable  bed , you may find that adjustable  bed   mattresses  are somewhat firmer than your previous standard  mattress . Consider this a benefit. By using an adjustable  bed   mattress  with a firmer resilience, the  mattress  is better able to support you as you adjust the  bed  itself. Adjustable  bed   mattresses  are designed with your comfort in mind.