Modern Home Decor

Modern homes come with a variety of designs that can be modified according to the wish of the owners and indeed they are something that is in much demand. There are a lot of contemporary decor items that can be bought to furnish your house. Modern homes also can be built with the latest types of contemporary furnishing, which extenuates the look of the homes. Such houses come with some great choices of furnishing that you can make along with the fixtures that you can guy for decking up your home.

Most of such homes are made in accordance with older designs but architects today tend to experiment with the older styles and come up with new styles. Thereby such homes come to become more modern and this is something that is preferred by the people in the USA. Thereby leading to the fact that modern homes have some signature designs and one can actually chose from one of them when they are looking for homes for themselves. Modern homes therefore come in several types.

There are a large number of small houses that can conform to the latest trends in architecture and they come with great designs and locations. Some homes are locate slightly away from the city and are meant for the peace and comfort of the people who buy such homes. In USA there are special designed homes away from the main cities near the wilderness areas beside rivers. These homes are in vogue among the buyers. Such homes, which are designed according to modern techniques usually, are quite large and airy and come with floor to ceiling windows with either clear or tinted glass according to the choice of the homeowners. Modern homes come in various forms and design and are an expression of the builder or the homeowner’s signature.

One-storied houses are also equally well decked up usually in the latest styles of appliances in kitchens, the designs for which are usually made in the modular style. This means that kitchens come with the latest appliances and are designed to make things easier for the person who is using it. Mostly the homes are made without any kind of accordance to traditional styles and often include experimental designs that are tailor made for the people who own the home. Modern homes come with great back and front year spaces. Outdoor patios usually decked with great flowing curtains with chairs across the space. Such homes usually come with a hot tub in the front and you can also have a great large pool at the back. This gives the homeowners that extra perk when they live in such homes.

Depending on where your home is, you can also have some special plants in the front such that you can actually create a tropical look in the front when you are near the Jacuzzi or the hot tub. Modern homes are therefore a hub of luxury and you should get a home with such architecture if you want to live the high life.


Keeping the Color of Your Purple Flannel Sheets Vivid

Without a doubt, purple flannel sheets are quickly becoming the bedding of choice for fashion forward home decorators. Every shade of purple, from rich, royal purples to light, understated lavenders can be found in the collections of the leading homeware designers. Whether you opt for a solid style, or one in which the purple is incorporated into a pattern, keeping the color true even after multiple washings is important. There are a number of ways that anyone can keep their purple sheets looking great, even after many uses.

When washing your sheets, avoid using detergents or stain removers that include bleach in the list of ingredients. For most loads, there is no need to use a heavy duty, abrasive detergent in order to get your fabrics clean. Instead, opt for the mildest detergent that you can find. This should be more than adequate when removing any dirt that may have accumulated on your bed, and will reduce the amount of fading or pilling to which your sheets will be subjected. The same is true of stain removers. If something is poured onto the bed, deal with the stain quickly and avoid soaking it in a bleach solution, which may remove the color.

The sun can actually do a lot of damaged to dyed fabrics. While there is no need to completely shield your bedroom from the sun's rays, being careful of the amount of sunlight to which your purple flannel sheets are exposed can help to extend their life. If your bed is near an open window, make the bed each morning so that your bight sheets will be protected. Line drying your linens is a great idea, as it will keep the softer for longer and help the environment, but do not allow them to hang on the line any longer than necessary. Watch them somewhat closely and bring them in as soon as they have served completely.

Buying the right sheets can be the sureest way of getting sheets which colors will last. The best flannels are those that are made with colored thread, as opposed to those that are dyed after they have been sewn together. These sheets are generally a bit more expensive, but the fact that the dyes have been set in the factory makes them far more durable. If keeping the color like new is important to you, investing in these types of sheets may be worth it.

By taking good care of your purple flannel sheets, you can significantly extend their life span.


Outdoor Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers & Preschoolers love spending time outdoors. What can you provide to keep them busy? You do not have to have a large garden to entertain your small children.

Some resources for your outdoor area can include, balls, bubble mix & bubble pipes, sturdy cars and trucks to push around, small ride on toys, block trolley or dolls buggy, this keeps them moving and active. Stepping stones made from cardboard shapes. Pavement chalk, good for drawing roads to ride that bike along.

Sand box – how many of you remember the fun of digging and building with sand. A sand box does not have to be a large architect designed structure. Most toy stores / chain stores sell lidded sand boxes.If your area is a small patio or balcony, or even if your want to keep the sand clean and confined. consider using a lidded plastic tub on wheels that can be found in chain stores and homeware stores. Provide utensils for digging, sifting, pouring and building. Buckets and spades, or raid the kitchen for plastic or wooden spoon, bowls, sailers, funnels, yoghurt cups, or whatever captures your imagination.

Water play – for those warm spring and summer days; A plastic paddling pool, A plastic tub, or that outgrown baby bath (always supervise water pla y) Use your sandpit utensils and add some plastic bottles for pouring. a drop or two of blue or green food coloring gives the water some interest especially when they lift their hands in and out. Drop some ice cubes in or hot days and let them watch them melt. Of course nothing can beat running in and out of a hose / sprinkler ( water restrictions permitting )

Discover your neighborhood – Go for a walk along your street, look at the houses, trees, plants and talk about them. Collect leaves & twigs for collage. Visit the park, use the equipment in the play area. Take a picnic snack or lunch. Visit your local shops, look in the windows at what is happening, buy some fruit, cheese and bread for a picnic. Go to your local library and choose some books. If the weather is cold, rug up warmly and go for a run around your yard, go for a walk around the vicinity & collect some leaves for a craft activity on your return. If you live in a very cold climate build a snowman, throw snowballs. Living in the southern hemisphere it's hard for me to imagine those very cold days when you cant 'get out. Our children do not have many days where they have to be inside.

Take the indoors out – Bring some of those indoor activities outdoors, A rug, some cushions and a basket of books under a shady tree or on a porch or balcony can be very relaxing for mum and toddler (if he falls asleep you might get to read your book / magazine) Set up a pretending tea party with the doll's tea set and some water in the teapot and jug and maybe some tiny cookies. Take a snack outside and join your toddler in a real tea party.

Craft Activities – The outdoors is the best place for messy crafts as it is easy to clean up. Put some large sheets of paper up on the wall or fence and let them paint with non toxic paints & sturdy paintbrushes. Collect some large boxes and let them paint them. If you or a friend has had a large appliance delivered keep the box. Let your children paint it when it's dry cut out a door and windows and you have an instant cubby house, alternatively put a large blanket or sheet over your outdoor table, an instant playhouse. Make up some playdough and use cookie cutters, small rolling pins, Plastic cooking utensils and they will be busy for ages. Provide buckets of water and paint brushes and let them paint the house or fence. This is particularly effective when it is hot as the water dries very quickly.

Music and Movement – take a portable CD player outside and play some children's songs or your favorite rock or rap tunes. Provide scarves to wave as you dance to the music. If you have two or three children try a conga line around the yard. Pretend to be ballerina's dancing to the music (swan lake or the nutcracker is good for this) Children love all types of music when I was involved in a regular playgroup a few years ago we declared a no kids music day and played show tunes, 60's 70's rock, and many other styles, the old rock tunes were a big favorite.


BHS Job Vacancies

The very first BHS opened in Brixton in 1928 more or less as a carbon copy of the (then) Woolworth's model, with a maximum price of 1 shilling (5 pence) for all its goods. One year later, in 1929, this ceiling price was raised to 1 Crown (25 pence) which boosted the range of products that BHS could retail. Since those early days, the clothing and homeware chain has gone to now have a work of about 14,000 people worldwide.

But modern times are not easy for retailers. In 2009, the company's accounts shown an actual loss of £ 56m on a gross turnover of £ 1,100m which is approximately to 5%. This contrasted with 2008's small profit of £ 15m.

Following the drawing back of the Iron Curtain, in 1995 BHS acquired the distinction of being the first retail store to open a branch in Moscow. Since then it has opened more stores in St Petersburg and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, although its main overseas interest is the lucrative Middle East market.

BHS has been a franchise for just over 15 years and there are now stores around the world which operate in BHS 'name and sell its products. There are also separate 'Tammy' and 'BHS Kids' franchises, the latter carrying BHS' most popular children's lines.

The head office of BHS is located at Marylebone in London and its distribution center is at Atherstone in Warwickshire – a service run by an organization called Spectrum which is part of the Arcadia Group of companies. Despite its growth, British Home Stores remains a privately-owned company.

BHS (UK) is divided into 9 geographical regions with each being headed by a Regional Manager. All stores consist of Store Managers, Commercial Managers, Operational Managers, Lead Associates and Sales Associates. The most successful stores also have a General Manager.

Employees looking to work for BHS can expect the following bonuses and benefits: –

Financial – There is an individual annual discretionary bonus based upon the outcome of a performance review – something which also dictates the worker's level of pay for the forthcoming year.

Health – Private health insurance, optical and dental insurance packages are provided to managers.

Investment – A standard stakeholder pension operates for all employees.

Holidays – Amounts vary according to position and seniority however non-management jobs attract 22 days + and managerial jobs, 25+.

Perks – A company car and additional holiday may also be offered to managers. All staff may obtain discounts in-store and also at selected hotels etc.

Something unusual about BHS in comparison to other retail stores is that it expects individuals to negotiate and justify their own salary package. Correspondingly, since future benefits are generally calculated as an increase on the employee's 'current' benefits, it is prudent (for more reasons than one) to negotiate the best deal possible at the time of recruitment.


How to Get a Classy Shabby Chic Feel to Your Home

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of vintage style interiors and more and more people are now using ‘shabby chic’ in every day terms when talking about interior design and decoration.

So where did this term ‘shabby chic’ come from. The style developed from the old English Country house style and the older French look and has now developed into its own unique style of themed decor.

The two key words here are of course ‘shabby’ and ‘chic’ words that have distinctive meaning. Shabby meaning worn out, frayed or threadbare and ‘chic’ meaning stylish, elegant and fashionable.

So how do we achieve that ‘antique style’ look without our homes looking worn and uncared for?

Furniture is a good place to start with lots of options. Many retailers now sell lovely distressed looking furniture such as coffee tables or side tables made from wood and painted normally in white or pastel colours, sometimes plain and sometimes with a design embellished into the wood.

Then there is the home accessories that are available and many of our favourite decor items such as photo frames, hanging decorations and clocks all come in varying vintage style designs and at differing prices.

So why is this style so popular? Well there is always something friendly and comforting about a home that is decorated in this style with a real vintage feel and the theme can be adopted for most rooms in the home including the kitchen, bedroom, conservatory and of course the lounge or living rooms.

The focus of many homes is the living room and hall where we often find numerous shabby chic items like coffee tables, photo frames and wall decorations all offering a pale painted finish which has been lightly distressed.

So where else is popular for these vintage style items. Many homes will have shabby chic furniture or decor items in their conservatory and one of the favourites is the shabby chic garden bench with some pretty shabby chic photo frames or candlesticks to carry the distressed theme throughout.

There are lots of vintage style home accessories that endorse this distressed look and you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to obtain a gorgeous authentic vintage style look around your home. Many online stores sell beautiful shabby chic home accessories and you should shop around as online shops or retailers can offer substantial savings when comparing to high street retailers.

So, consider vintage home style furniture, decor and home accessories and watch your own home turn into a classy vintage style elegant and chic yet warm and loving place to live with soft furnishings, light coloured fabrics, distressed style furniture and some unique accessories to obtain that ever popular shabby chic style effect.


Fair Trade – An Outline

How do you feel about the Fair Trade movement?

The present economic crisis has clearly illustrated how, in these days of the world economy, there is an economic interdependence between all people, all over the globe. Furthermore, the international issues raised by global warming illustrate a similar trans-global interdependence in safeguarding the long term well-being of people.

There seems no doubt that the buying choices that we make in our local shops can have a very real impact on the livelihoods and living conditions of people in places that are many thousands of miles away, and it is this interdependence that has led to the fair trade movement.

Basically, fair trade is all about creating an equitable international trade system. UK businesses that trade on a fair trade basis enter into partnership with their overseas suppliers, who in turn employ equitable methods in their dealings with their employees. This approach facilitates issues such as the level of wages, working conditions and the preservation of local and traditional skills such as embroidery, knitting, weaving and silversmithing. Production of fair trade goods also includes the use of sound methods of production which aim to minimize environmental impact.

Typically, fair traders in the UK may belong to organizations that campaign for improvements in the rules under which international trade is carried out, to provide fairness for producers and their employees, and make exploitation in these relationships a thing of the past. Thus, a shop selling fair trade goods in your high street will be paying a price to their suppliers that reflects accurately the costs of production, and which allows the suppliers to amply reward their workers, thereby raising the living standards of ordinary people in developing nations .

By now you may be thinking that buying goods in a fair trade shop is purely an act of charity on your part. Not so.

Take a look at the range of goods in a fair trade shop selling goods such as homeware and fashion accessories, and you will see attractive products made in distinctive designs, utilizing high quality raw materials. The partnership with producers that fair trade businesses enjoy enables them to work closely with craftsmen and suppliers to produce a fantastic range of exclusively styled products at reasonable prices. The goods available range from jewelry to soft furnishings and clothes. What's more, some companies make these goods available to buy from a fair trade online shop, so that you can avail yourself of a great range of reasonably priced fair trade products without leaving your room!

What could be better?


The Cashmere Throw – Keep It or Gift It?

A cashmere throw is an excellent homeware accessory to accompany the long cold winter days and nights. Due to the warmth and softness of the fabric, a throw made from cashmere is without doubt the king of throws and it is a fantastic item to give as a gift to your loved ones. However, giving away a throw of this quality is never easy but it is often done which is why you should always ask yourself the question: shall I keep it or shall I gift it?

What makes a cashmere throw such a soup after accessory is the feeling of complete comfort and luxury every time the lucky owner wraps it round themselves. Although it is not typically used as an outer clothing garment, few people will disagree that it is its most pleasurable use. Traditionally, throws are used to decorate the home either draped over a sofa or a chair or used as an extra bed spread in the colder months. It is probably this versatility that makes the cashmere throw such a fantastic gift to give to a loved one.

If someone who believes in the maximum that it is better to give than receive then you will no doubt the see benefits of giving some cashmere throw as a gift. Not only will the lucky recipient of the throw be blown away by your big-hearted gesture but due to the lasting quality of cashmere, they will have the throw for as long as they live.

However, if you are someone who prefers to receive rather than give, then doubt you could bear give a cashmere throw away as a gift after buying it. And in truth, I do not blame you as I am one of you!

So if you are a keeper or giver, there are plenty of places you can begin your search for a cashmere throw right right away!


Interview Tips – Case Study

I Thought I would take some time to write an example of how I would do things if I was looking for a job and being put forward for an interview with one of the major high street retailers in the UK. I’m not saying this is the must have definitive guide of how to do it. It’s just a pointer.

OK my recruitment consultant has called me and asked if I would be interested in working for Next. Next is a major retailer and as I’m already aware of the company and what they do I agreed I would like to go for an interview.

While this is being arrange a job spec, map and a few details about who I will be meeting with are emailed to me.

The first thing I would do is read through the official job spec. I’m looking to work in the finance department so I make sure the job spec is as described by the recruitment agent on the phone then log onto the Next website.

Most companies these days have a website of some description. A company like Next will have a great site with lots of information about the company. This is the sort of info I’m looking for.

Generally right at the bottom of the site will be some small links. There your find the privacy policy, terms & conditions and ABOUT US. This is what I would look at first. On the Next website its actually a link called THE COMPANY.

Straight away I can see that Next also does homeware. Interesting point and that’s just what I’M looking for. Interesting points that I can use to my advantage. You could be asked

Next: where do you see yourself in five years time?

Simply say something like,

Candidate: I can see Next has expanded into homeware. As the company grows and develops I would like to grow and develop with the company. Next is a major UK retailer growing all the time and I would like to be part of that.

There is also company news and financial results. Both very important in terms of information to take to the interview.

Under the news section I have found that –

Simon Wolfson is the Chief Executive

David Keens is the Group Finance Director.

That’s an important one. I’m going for a job interview in finance. Its not unreasonable for the employer to ask if I know who the Group Finance Director is. At least armed with this name I can reply.

Under the latest financial results its worth noting the companies performance during the current downturn and how they are planning to deal with this.

One of the questions your surely going to be asked at the first interview is, why do you as a person want to work for Next?

Before your even asked this question its easy to prepare the answer. Your preparation at this stage will really make the difference between you getting the job and not getting it.

The link CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY, has a whole host of information to help you to answer the question above.

Let me show you.

Next : so why do you want to work for Next?

Candidate: While reading through you financial information on the Next website I found the section on Corporate Responsibility. I think its important for a company that I work for to have a commitment to ethical trading, community and the environment. Next ticks all these boxes for me.

Don’t just look at the companies website the night before the interview. In most cases there is a gap of at least a day before the interview is arranged. Use this time wisely. Write up some notes on some credit card sized pieces of card. Memorise the notes on them, important company names, recent news stories of interest, what the company does and what its products are.

Good luck


Wholesale Candles For Less

Purchasing wholesale candles in bulk is a great way to kick-start your business. There are a number of different businesses that sell candles – particularly homeware stores and department stores. Buying candles wholesale means you can purchase a wide variety of candle shapes, colors and fragrances without spending your entire budget.

A candle is a light source that consists of an internal wick rises through the center of a column of solid fuel. Before the mid 19th century, the majority of candles were tallow, but these days, paraffin wax has become quite common. You would be amazed to see the extensive variety of candles available in the market place for the consumers. From soy and vegetable-based candles to fragrance and wax floating candles, there are candles to suit your customers every need.

The history of the candle dates back to 3000BC. From this period and right up to the middle ages and the early modern period, candles were made from various types of natural fat, tallow and wax. Before electricity, candles were the only means of creating a portable light. These days however, candles are used for a wide range of purposes from decoration on birthday cakes, church ceremonies, as soft lighting in a room, for fragrance and many other occasions.

In the past 20 years, entrepreneurs have started selling wax candles, floating candles, fragrance candles and lots of other types of candles in varied shapes. There are several shops that offer large quantities of supplies to both professional candle makers and to consumers who make candles for fun.

Whether you want to purchase candles for your personal your business purpose, a wholesale candle would be the best option for you. There are several wholesale candle websites that offer information on candle, and even sell you these candles at wholesale rates. Try visiting one of these websites and purchase wholesale candles for your retail candle business.

There are several advantages to purchasing wholesale candle for your retail candle business:

* Affordable: Purchasing wholesale candle for your business means you can get best quality products at affordable prices

* Quantity assurance: Most wholesale candle suppliers offer quality assurance and a guarantee on the products they sell to their clients

* Bulk purchasing: You can easily bulk purchase for your business and get even better discounts

* Increase clientele by offering competitive prices: Once you purchase wholesale candles at discounted prices you can offer these goods at great prices to your clients. This encourages your clients visit you again and again each time they wish to purchase a candle for themselves

Try purchasing these wholesale candles from online wholesale candle stores. The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to locate wholesale suppliers with great ranges of candles on offer.


Design Tips to Update Your Home

Home decorating isn’t as hard as you’d think – all it takes it some research and a good eye for style. If you think your house could do with a makeover, here are a few hints on how to make the process run more smoothly.

The best way to tackle the project is to break it down into manageable pieces. If the whole house needs a makeover, choose a general theme and then tackle it room by room. The theme should fit the style of house you have. If it is a city apartment, a modern designer theme could be ideal. If it is a beach cottage, a nautical theme may be more appropriate. Once you’ve chosen the theme, choose one room to start on. If you try to tackle the whole project at once, not only will you spend a lot of money, you may find that you run out of steam and don’t complete the makeover as a result.

After that, it is time to do some research. Go online and look at examples of the theme you’ve chosen. Browsing through homeware shops will also help to give you ideas.

Starting by choosing the colours for the walls and floors is the most failsafe option. If you choose light colours, such as cream or white, it will be easy to put your theme into action. Also, as styles change and you seek to update the look, it will be easier to work with a blank canvas. A feature wall is where one wall is painted a different, often bolder, colour than the rest of the room. It can be very striking and help centre on the focus of the room. For example, if you have a fireplace in your lounge, you could paint the wall that the fireplace resides a deeper, contrasting colour. This will bring the eye to the fireplace and add some flair to the room as well.

The next step is to choose the furniture and accessories. This should only be done after you’ve settled on your wall and floor colours, and preferably after the room has been painted. You can save money by incorporating existing furniture, such as couches and side tables, into the new design. If you love your couch, but the colour doesn’t quite fit your new style, why not have your couch re-upholstered? It will add new life to the couch, be the exact colour you want for your theme and look like new for half the price.

Accessories are also very important in any design. Throw pillows, rugs, candles, decorative bowls and lamp shades come in a myriad of design possibilities to fit almost any theme. New style chic, modern designer, nautical and even contemporary tribal homeware can be easily found in most homeware stores. Accessories add a final touch to your new theme and will help to add a lot of flair to the room.


Four Sources of Inspiration for Your Interior Design Project

If you are at a loss with where to start with your interior design project, a little research can work wonders. If the interior magazines and homeware catalogs are not getting you anywhere, leave the house and start looking elsewhere.

1. Nature

The great outdoors is a clear source of inspiration for many product designers. The swirl of a shell, the leaves of a plant, the aerodynamics of a bird, all contribute to our technology and our design landscape. When perfection is at your disposal why not learn from it? The essence of beauty comes from our appreciation of nature so why not use it as a starting point for our ideas? Take a camera with you and get some pictures of the different textures you come across, the types of wood you like and the color palettes which naturally work so well together.

2. Museums

Visiting museums is an excellent source of inspiration that will not only delight and entertain us but also broaden our minds. If someone has gone to the huge effort of creating something magnificent and worthy of a place on our museum floors then surely it could have been the spark of an idea for your home. Take the kids and visit the Wallace Collection and the V & A, they'll love it once they're there! Remember to buy some postcards or take a brochure home with you so that you can begin stock piling the beautiful things that inspire you.

3. Restaurants and hotels

Go to restaurants and stay in hotels that have been decorated in ways that might appeal to you (it's all in the name of research you must tell your husband!). Enjoy tea at the Ritz or in the Glaswegian tearooms that Mackintosh designed. Remember to take photos not just of your food but of your beautiful surroundings, and ask the proprietor where they got their furniture and where the inspiration for their interiors came from.

4. Period properties

If the past intrigues you and you want to understand how interior styles have changed across the years, visit some of the country's many fantastic historical houses. Or go one larger and visit the Palace of Versailles for a peek into the world of Louis XIV and experience the famous room of mirrors. Go to St. Louis Paul's cathedral for an understanding of the 'Restoration period'. See the Royal Crescent in Bath and admire the Georgian style of architecture. Pop to Paris for a saucy weekend and check out the Arc de Triomphe with its Empire style. Have a weekend by the sea in Brighton and enjoy the Royal Pavilion for its unique spin on Chinoiserie. And celebrate the Arts & Crafts period at the Red House in Kent.

All these sources have so much to teach you. Some you will admire, some you will not, but this is the essence of working out what your authentic style is – working out what you like. Sometimes I find just understanding it, appreciating it in its own context, making it more appealing. So maybe you'll learn to love things you have not previously even noticed.


Top 10 Selling Items in Arts and Crafts Shows

Arts and Crafts shows are great venues to showcase your creativity and make money at the same time. There is a wide array of products which can be showcased. Listed below are the 10 types of items which are very popular and generally sell very fast in an art and craft show.

1. For the Kids

Kids are priority always and parents are happy to buy things for them. It is good to encourage your kid's creative talent and taking them to various art and craft shows is a good way of boosting their talent. You can find many items for children aged 0 to 12 in crafts shows to catch their attention. Items like painting tools, paper crafts which the children can do by themselves, or which children and their parents can do together.

2. Limited Edition Crafts

Giving a timeline for an item is also eye-catching. When you make an announcement or put a tag on your item that it will only be available, for example, on that day because of limited stocks sometimes, then people tend to give attention and take advantage of its availability, like art collectible dolls, cards , homeware items etc.

3. Crafts with themes

Crafts items with theme also catch interests. For example, you may sell items for pets such as dog collars, leashes and pet clothes like dresses and sweaters.

4. Unique Items

Products that can not be seen and bought easily in public places like places or even online, gain attention too. Browse or for unique crafts items and you will find a new shape candle or design, or embellishments, which can also be customized.

5. Environment friendly

Recycled products made from organic materials are also a hit. This is because there are a lot of people now concerned about the environment. Examples are home displays made from used papers, sculptures from broken glass or paintings from coffee beans.

6. Jewelry

This may be a regular product in arts and crafts shows but it has never lost its touch. You may blend uniqueness in style so that each item would look like it's personally crafted for the buyer. This difference will give the items an edge from the others selling jewelries too.

7. Glass products

Making glass items like vases, or mirrors with beautiful frames is not a common skill. Showing these types of items in arts and crafts shows also showcase the superior talent of the makers because this skill is really difficult. People who appreciate this kind of talent will show their appreciation by buying the glass items.

8. Items for women

Women make up a great proportion of any country's population. Most consumers are the homemakers too. You can get their interest with items such as bags, knitted or crocheted tops, cross stitch items or homemade perfumes and painted candles.

9. Products for laptops and the like

Laptops, mobile phones and other products which help people communicate are used by all these days. Feature items like laptop bags and covers and mobile phone holders or cases are also great selling craft items these days.

10. High Quality items

Quality is always essential for any product. Making sure your item may it be big or small has top quality will also ensure your buyers will buy and even comeback or refer you to other buyers even if the product is just a regular one.

Creative talent is always great to have. You can either pursue it as a hobby or can also make living out of it if you are really good at it. Take the time to research which items will sell in arts and crafts shows so that you can earn maximum profit out of your creation.


Hand-Made and Hand-Painted Ceramics and Pottery From France!

Discover beautiful hand-made and hand-painted ceramics and pottery from France!

Are you feeling stuck for fresh decorating ideas? Go Provencal with stunning hand painted French pottery and ceramics! You too can make your everyday world that little bit brighter and more exciting with the vivid colors and designs that have been painted onto these vibrant home accessories.

Each piece has been skilfully hand made and hand painted with the utmost care and attention. Your morning coffee will taste all that more refreshing when drunk from a beautiful hand-painted coffee cup and even a simple salad can be jazzed up when served in an eye-catching salad bowl.

Although the designs are similar no two pieces are exactly alike and you will feel as though your homeware has been designed with only you in mind. That 'French feel' can be achieved through the home and garden with these striking accessories and Mediterranean style garden pots and planters.

Whether you are looking for unusual gifts for friends or simply on the hunt for new kitchen accessories or homeware these original and unique pieces can be the cornerstone for any new redecorating plans that you have in mind. The intricacy and charm of the designs on the ceramics make them the perfect gifts for women.

There is also need to trudge around the shops since because these gorgeous pieces are readily available online and can be shipped all over the world. You can browse through hundreds of attractive items from the comfort of your own home and even completely redesign your home with just a few basic, yet interesting pieces, such as ceramic oil bottles.

Rediscover your joie de vivre and live every day like you are in the South of France.

A Brief History of French Pottery: The French have been expert pottery makers for many centuries. In Saintes, on the river Charente ornamented pottery has been discovered which dates as early as 1511. Up until this period in time the pottery had mainly been emblazoned with coats of arms and fleur-de-lise but around the early 1500's other forms of decoration began to be applied, such as flowers, leaves, branches and fruits, and these classic designs became the prototype for the beautiful patterns we are today accustomed to seeing on French ceramics and pottery today. The French have been designing these unique pieces for many generations and their expertise is reflected in the fine pieces that are available to us all.


Brighten Up Your Home With Unique French Home Accessories

Add some color to your everyday life with stunning hand-painted French tableware. Hand made in the Provence region of France, beautiful ceramic kitchen accessories can liven up all of your meals and are ideal for anything from a quick breakfast to special dinner parties with friends.

A touch of class can be added to even a simple meal with these unique home accessories. Your morning coffee can be brightened up by the vibrant designs on the kitchen accessories such as the coffee cups and crockery, whilst your garden can achieve that Provencal look with French garden pots and planters.

A ceramic teapot makes for a great conversation starter when friends come over for a cup of tea. Even simple everyday tasks like pouring a glass of water can be made more exciting with colored water jugs. You can feel like you are on holiday in the Provence all year round.

Hand-painted ceramics are wonderful as unusual and original gifts for friends and family or even just as home accessories for you. French pottery can provide the starting point for wonderful decorating ideas and can also be used as the focal point point of a room.

The designs are unique and eye-catching and can be an inspiration for home decoration and can be used as a color chart for home decoration inspiration for the whole house! The vivid colors and attractive designs on these unique decorations can cheer up even the greiest of days.

These gorgeous designs have been meticulously hand-painted on a range of kitchenware such as tagine pots, eggcups and wine coolers. There are French ceramics for every homeware need that you may have. A wonderful feature is that most items are dishwasher and microwave friendly, a rarity in hand-painted homeware.

Each region of the Provence has their own style of decoration which makes it so much fun to travel around and compare. There are wonderful potteries in the Drome Valley with family potteries where the husband produces great hand made ceramics while his wife hand paints them. off to the kiln and out comes the most gorgeous products of French home accessories and oven to table ware.

In the South the colors become a little brighter. There is a village North of Cannes with deep reds, blues and yellow that reminds one of honey. But again, the hand made and hand painted pottery items are all wonderful decorations for any kitchen and dinner table.

Enjoy traveling and taking in the different types of French home accessory making!


Equestrian Supplies: Giftware

If you know any horse lovers in your life and you are trying to think of something to purchase for them as a gift, then look no further! A horse-related gift will make a lovely, thoughtful present for them. There are so many different types of equestrian gifts available that it can be a hard task to know what to pick. This article takes a look at some of the most popular items of giftware, and it explains where you can purchase them from.


There is a large range of equestrian books available on the market. There are plenty of educational books which can help existing horse riders to learn or improve on their horse riding skills. Educational book titles include The Principles of Riding, 101 Jumping Exercises, Riding for Kids and Dressage Exercises. There are also specialist books for vets, such as The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual. There are also fun stories and games books that have horse related themes, such as Stories from the Saddle and Pony Play Games and Puzzles.


DVDs provide a fun way to learn new horse riding skills as they can walk you through the material step by step. A DVD can cover a wide range of topics, or just feature information on a more specialist skill or subject matter.


Homeware items will often feature an image of a horse or another horse related item. They are a lovely way to display your love for horses in your own home, plus they also make nice gifts for horse lovers. Some ideas for gifts include printed mugs, placemats, surface savers, tea bag holders, trays, coasters, towels, bracelets, bags and backpacks.


Toys are perfect for children who love horses or who are currently learning how to ride them. Kids toys can include things like beautiful statues, lunch boxes, kids carry bags, stamp sets, cuddly toys, jigsaw puzzles and games.

Pet Accessories

If the person you are buying the gift for owns a pet, such as a cat or a dog, then you can also purchase them a gift for their animals that features a horse related image or embellishment. For example, you could buy them a special dog bed which has an image of a horse embroidered into the cushion.

Special Items

If you want to buy something really special for a loved one who owns their own horse then you can consider purchasing some more expensive items. This can include things like a saddle, horse-riding attire. You could also buy them a horse riding experience or a horse riding lesson in a beautiful location for a memorable day out.

Where to Purchase Giftware From

The best place to purchase equestrian related giftware items is from a specialist retailer. They will have the largest selection of products and knowledgeable staff who will be able to help you to select the best gift. All major retailers will have a website where you can view more detailed information and photographs of the gifts that they stock, as well as information on how to order.


4 UK Work From Home Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing offers an excellent way of generating income from a home based business. Either as a part-time or full-time income, with very few overheads, no complicated staffing issues and, best of all, you can choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

But choosing the right network marketing company for You can be a little hit and miss. It is important that you do your homework because, if you do not feel entirely comfortable with either the company, the product or the service, then you are unquestionably able to be able to offer them to your friends, family, neighbors and collections.

Here are just 4 of the better-known network marketing opportunities on offer for the home based entrepreneur.

1. Avon – Avon Cosmetics has its headquaters in the USA and was originally founded in the 1880's. Their products are marketed in over 100 countries, and is sold by over 5 million independent distributors. Marketed as 'the' company for women it looks to be marketed mostly by women; generally from brochures of womens (and some mens) cosmetics. Practically every household in Britain will have heard of this brand name, and it has recently been given extra exposure through television advertising in the UK.

2. Telecom Plus – Operating under the brand name Utility Warehouse This British FTSE Top 250 company, was founded in 1996 and is headed by Charles Wigoder, who made a huge success as founder of Peoples Phone with a turnover of over £ 200m before selling to Vodafone in 1997. Named Company of the Year 2009 and with a string of Which? Best Buy and consumer awards, the company supplies over 300,000 customers with their gas, electricity, fixed telephony, mobile telephony and broadband. In addition, they offer an innovative 5% cashback card and all charges are on one bill. Already gathering momentum, this UK only company does not advertise on television, offers unlimited free training to its distrubutors and provides distributors with their own free utility warehouse website.

3. Betterware – A successful UK home shopping company, selling to customers in the UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus & Central America. Known initially for its extensive homeware and housecare cleaning products, the range has grown over the years to include gifts, personal care and beauty as well as outdoor products. Works in a similar way to Avon, with distributors providing a brochure and taking orders. There is no television advertising and customers can order products either through their network of distributors, territory sales agents, by post, over the phone or online from the company.

4. Herbalife – Founded in 1980 by Los-Angeles based Mark Hughes (died 21.5.00 aged 44) ​​it is one of the world's larges distributors of herbal wellness products in over 70 countries with more than 1.9 million distributors. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles. Like Telecom Plus and Betterware, there is no television advertising. A distributor earns profits by buying Herbalife products at wholesale and reselling them at retail.

Anyone can make a financial difference to their lives by becoming an independent distributor for a network marketing company, but few people realize that it will only happen with commitment and a genuine desire to succeed. Companies that offer overnight success are often scams but many, including the companies above, are legitimate work from home network marketing opportunities. Get it right at the outset, and be prepared to put in some time and effort, and you will reap the rewards, whether you only want to make enough money to pay the mortgage each month or whether you want to retire early with a residual income for life.


Amway Product Review – How Good Are The Amway Products?

Amway Products – The Good

Amway are a network marketing company that were founded in 1958 by best friends Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. The company always get criticized, yet it is still going strong more than 40 years after it was created, so it can’t be all bad.

People have often called Amway a scam because they say the products are no good, but this is not true. Amway sell a wide variety of decent products including health care products, beauty products, homeware, cooking utensils, and cleaning products. These are products which are well in demand, and proven to sell well in the network marketing business model.

The company’s first product all those years ago was called Nutrilite, and Nutrilite is now the name of a whole range of Amway health products including multi-vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, sports enhancers, and weight-loss.

Amway Products – The Bad

So if the products are good, and supported by scientific research, why do so many Amway Distributors still fail?

The answer is not that the products are bad, but that people go about trying to sell them in the wrong way. Amway actually offers a decent opportunity to anyone who has the right skill-set and business acumen to be able to take full advantage of it. If you don’t have the required skill-set you can always learn them, they are not difficult and they are not expensive.

What you need to do to really make the most of your Amway products is to learn the art and science of target marketing. Target marketing is the opposite of warm marketing, which is what most Amway Distributors are doing right now.

Warm marketing methods include only trying to sell your products to your family and friends, spending a lot of money on making CDs, DVDs, business cards, flyers, adverts, and other promotional materials, inviting people to sales parties or presentations, and giving away a lot of free samples. Do these sound familiar? They should do, because it is what almost all unsuccessful network marketers are doing.

Target marketing means only trying to sell your Amway products to people that you know are interested. It involves using the internet to promote your products to a huge potential market for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. It means positioning yourself as an expert, so that interested people come to YOU, of their own accord.

The Truth About The Amway Products

So the truth about Amway is that their products are good, and can make you money. You just need to know how to sell them.

To find out more about using the principles of target marketing to sell your Amway Products, see the Amway Distributors’ Bible.


Get a European Country Look in Your Home

If you find traditional furniture too formal for your lifestyle or home and contemporary furniture too … well … contemporary, you might consider a country look. Before images of knotted chairs bound with rope and twiggy tables leap to mind, take inventory of all the alluring country styles on our website. Country furniture started out as practical and utilitarian versions of traditional court furniture for the populace, and retained charm and beauty in its new incarnations. A major of popular styles, like Mission or French Provincial, are far from rustic, and provide comfort and durability that turn your home into a welcoming haven from the hectic, modern world outside.

English Country

This is a catchy catch-all phrase for the multitude of styles that stemmed from English country living. However, an underwriting trait these styles share is the use of more cost effective and indigenous materials like oak, ash and elm mixed with some walnut and mahogany pieces. Far from the elaborated pieces saw in English salons, the construction was more functional and less ornate.

French Provencal / Country

The variety of designs that make up French Provencal furniture are indicative of the varied lifestyles of France's 18th and 19th century middle and lower classes. Some French Provencal styles evolved as simpler, locally crafted versions of French Court furniture built for wealthier landowners and merchants desiring trendy home furnishings. Other styles were original to the provinces that nurtured an aesthetic and functional ideal far removed from what was happening in the vogue epicenter of Paris palaces. After this, there are some general characteristics that these styles share. Decoration is simple, but soonheless charming and graceful, with splats, painting, and bas relief carvings. Craftsmen used walnut, ash, poplar, chestnut and fruit woods like cherry and pear to construct the furniture, and often included marble or wrought iron embellishments.

Spanish Colonial (1600-1840) – While Spanish Colonial furniture took inspiration from traditional furniture, it was also shaped by Spanish Catholicism, with furnishings often destined for churches and monasteries as well as ranches and homes. Mesquite, cedar, walnut and cypress woods were used to construct refectory tables that sported lyre-legs, along with chests and other pieces. In rural areas, locales adapted these designs to suit their more practical needs and simple tools, constructing flat paneled, slated furniture with A-frame legs. Popular today in ranch-style and colonial homes, the furniture's versatile, sturdy style blends well with the life of the busy individual.


Create a Shabby Chic Style for Your Home

Your home decor should be a perfect representation of yourself, style and taste. Homes that have a particular style are more interesting and create a sense of creativity. The shabby chic style is one of the most popular styles that have made a major come back. It is more associated with people who value style more than fashion. This vintage look for your home decor gives your home a different look that isn’t so common. You can choose to go for this style before you furnish your home whereby you buy the items ready-made in this style. Alternatively, you can upgrade your existing decor with a few touch ups to create the shabby chic style.


Furniture bearing the shabby chic style should create a sense of wear and tear. Back in the day, furniture would be painted over and over again to keep it looking fresh. However, the base coat and the original wood would be exposed with time after further wear. This is the kind of look you should be going for.

You can create this look with your existing home decor. Take your well painted piece of furniture;bed, wardrobe, drawers and cabinets, and scrub off the paint with a piece of sand paper. The paint needs to look like it has chipped, cracked and worn out. Think about where wear and tear in furniture most appears or is seen. This usually happens on the edges, areas that the hands run through or where the pieces come in to contact. Scrub these areas with the sand paper in such a way that you get to see the original wood or the base coat. You can also replace the knobs with old fashioned or worn out ones creating an idea that they have been replaced several times. Miss matched knobs also a good idea when creating the shabby chic style for your home decor.


The shabby chic style has a particular design in lighting that is both fun and unique. Chandeliers and vintage bed side lamps are more like it in this case and the colours suitable for the lamp head in this case are; pink, white, sky blue and yellow. Lace running at the bottom part is creative too. The lamps should have a “pull to switch on and off” dangling thread or chain instead of ordinary switches. The stand can be made of heavy metal or wood. The overall home decor should include chandeliers in all rooms to bring this particular style to life.

Soft furnishing

Curtains should be yellow, white and pink in colour. Floral prints are also ideal in this case. They need to create an idea of wear that comes with many years of washing and bleaching. For the plain colours, you can rub streaks of the curtains with bleach to show that the curtains have been washed and bleached for a long time. It is also important to make sure that the curtains are made of the vintage heavy material in plain colour/ floral prints and not the modern multi-coloured sheers.

You can also choose to emphasize the shabby chic style more by placing a few pieces of retro dresses with laces and fancy floral designs and hats in manikins in the bedroom. The shabby chic look is an ideal choice for home decor and clearly stands out from all other ordinary styles. Creativity and a little effort go a long way in achieving this especially of you are transforming your original home decor.


Modern Home Accessories With an Antique Feel

Were you aware that you could fill your home with decorative home accessories, giving the appearance of antiques but without the price tag?

Technological advances means that beautiful homeware items can be produced in techniques similar, but more efficient to those used in centuries gone by.

For those of us who love to have historic looking vases, bowls and other pieces around us but are unable to afford the hefty cost associated with them, a modern impression of the piece can literally transform a room.

Glassware from Eastern Europe in particular is often still hand blown and hand decorated, creating some truly beautiful effects.

These modern "antiques" tend to be a fraction of the price of true antiques and add a touch of class to any home.

The Spanish Stonecasting technique produces some wonderfully authentic-looking items. From bowls to candle holders, these very basic, rustic looking homeware items are charming in their simplicity and uniqueness.

Misso, a material forged in the Philippines, is immediately identifiable. A complicated procedure, Misso accessories do cost a little extra but offer superb value for money. To begin with, fine fibers of glass are covered by hand crafted strips of vine before being finished with a black and white resin. The result? A retro-style, almost African style of homeware which is suitable for most room themes.

These new home accessories are testament to the fact that beautiful home items can be sourced from around the world and do not need to be purchased from the mass market favored by DIY stores and supermarkets.

Take some time to source exactly which item will fit perfectly with the theme and color scheme of your room. There are some stylish home accessory websites out there which offer some exquisite pieces from around the world – often traditionally produced pieces which are unique in their own right and are superb quality.

Whether you're looking for traditional vases, bowls or glassware, there are a large selection to choose from. Often only slightly more expensive than mass market accessories, they offer reasonable value for money, without compromising on quality.

On your next Bank Holiday, avoid the traffic and hypermarkets. Sit down with a glass of wine in front of your PC and browse through the fantastic selection of traditional homeware accessories from around the world. Be selective, stick to your budget and you'll soon have a home filled with beautiful, unique pieces.


Tips For Buying Online Wholesale Homewares

Keeping within budget and maintaining a beautiful home is a challenge faced by many homemakers. Extensive and time consuming renovation work can be avoided by inexpensively decorating or redecorating the rooms in a home. Buying home decor items from wholesale homewares stores is one cost effective way to achieve this. With the often discounted pricing, almost anyone can redecorate their entire home without spending a fortune.

Why wholesale?

Often businesses purchase bulk goods directly from home decor manufacturers and other inventory sources, allowing these establishments and particularly wholesale buyers, to maintain discount pricing for the resale of beautiful homeware products. Wholesale homewares stores typically offer their products for a much lower price than department and retail stores. Also, most wholesalers are able to keep their product pricing low due to operating online and escaping the burden of high overhead expenses. Buying bulk grocery items for considerable savings is a secret many wise shoppers have picked up on. Now they can apply the same principle and redecorate their entire home thanks to wholesale home decor stores.

How to buy wholesale home decor

Whether making the purchase for their resale business or for personal use, in order to get the best online pricing, those buying wholesale homewares need to plan their purchase ahead of time. This is how:

1. Make a list of all the decor items the house needs: Make sure each room’s needs are considered when building your list of home decor items. Overspending is an easier mistake to make when purchasing in bulk as item prices are far less than department store pricing. Stick to only buying necessary items and stay within a budget.

2. Go online and browse through the selection of wares available from your local stores first: making your purchase from home decor Australia stores nearest to your location will not only save you money in delivery costs but will help reduce your carbon footprint as well.

3. Before placing any orders ask if there are any purchasing requirements: Often wholesale stores and discount clubs require buyers to have either a business permit or resale license in order to purchase items in bulk. An inquiry can be made either through instant messaging or email in regards to the possible requirements or documentation needed. If there is no need to have a business or resale license then you can make your wholesale orders.

4. Receive advance notification of future deals by signing up: Establishments often reduce the pricing even further on overstocked products and last season’s inventory to move them quicker. This excess stock is also moved quicker through selling in bulk. Subscribing to updates and email newsletters will allow you to be the first to know.

The secret to decorating a home on a budget is to buy in bulk from local wholesale homewares stores. Pittaya, Australia’s outlet for home decor online, offers low wholesale pricing for the latest accessories. Browse their products today and see their bamboo bowls, printed cushions, bamboo trays and much more.


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