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How to Show an Interviewer You Learn Quickly

Every job has a learning curve. Not only do workers have to learn how to do a job when they get it, they also have to be able to pick up new skills while on the job and adapt to changes in responsibilities. Employers want to know that their potential employees will be able to […]

The Worthless Husband You’ve Created

We all want to be loved, don’t we? Every man and woman sets out to find love as early as their teen years. It’s inevitable! We all want to find love. Then when we do, we screw it all up. Yep, we screw it all up! We find everything wrong with our spouse that we […]

Thrill Seekers – Enjoy the Rush of Adrenalin at Alton Towers!

After the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers is the most popular theme park in the UK, and when you consider the huge number of rides they have here it’s no surprise! This popular theme park has many attractions aimed at families and children, but with seven roller coasters and five water rides there’s plenty enough […]

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Bed Bugs – How Do They See?

Although bed bugs love feeding on human blood they do not have eyes that see like human beings. These parasitic creatures have what is called a compound eye structure. It is thought that they do not see in color, that they visualize in black and white. A bed bugs eye is made up of hundreds […]

Hotwifing and the Four Stages of Cuckolding

An important distinction we need to be clear about before we look at the four stages your relationship will pass through in your journey to a true cuckolding lifestyle is the difference between hotwifing and cuckolding, and infidelity and affairs. The simple distinction is with hotwifing and cuckolding a man’s wife has other sexual partners […]

The History of Duvets and Duvets in Modern Times

The bed Duvet has become a popular form of bed covering beginning in Northern Europe in the mid-1800s and used as a substitute for heavy wool blankets. We do not know the exact time they were invented. Some think they may have been invented in the middle 1700’s. Others think the Chinese were the first […]

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Do You Know How to Protect Your Mattress Warranty

Let’s talk a little about your mattress warranty. Warranties are from 1 to 20 years in length, usually. The warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the mattress. There is a big difference between a one year mattress and a 20 year mattress in quality, materials and workmanship. A decent mattress should have […]

Crib Sheets

When talking about crib sheets, most people are referring to the fitted sheet used over the crib mattress. Cribs that are irregular in size or shape will have sheets designed especially for it, as well as mattresses, and may be harder to find and more expensive. Occasionally you can find a flat sheet, except that […]