Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre – Standard – 2 Pack

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Could you tell the difference with this luxury synthetic pillow?Goose down isn’t everyone’s cup of cocoa, which is why we created this wonderful alternative. Marshmallow-soft, the fill is made with clusters of microfibre which are light enough to fool anyone who doesn’t know your little secret. It’s perfect if you have a budget to stick to or if feathers make you splutter. And of course, it’s beautifully made. A Super soft peach skin casing, double stitching and piping enhance this super-snuggly microfibre pillow even more. The soft fill and profile of this pillow make it ideal for front or back sleepers. For side-sleepers who want to indulge in our microfibre heaven, add a little more support to this pillow by pairing it up with a medium-firmness pillow.As featured by Zoella

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